The combination of a rigorous academic and enriching religious studies program provides the necessary foundations for raising successful and conscientious American Muslim citizens. Our school helps shape the children's first and lasting ideas about themselves, their religion, their country, their culture, and the world.



Our curriculum is organized to provide a loving and unique Islamic environment for the care and education of our children. It is constructed to set the foundational principles of each subject in kindergarten, then progress in complexity at each grade level. Recognizing that every person’s learning pace and style is unique, we tailor our teaching methods to each child’s needs. This differentiated approach incorporates traditional and progressive learning strategies, and is designed to advance in step with each student’s spiritual, physical, emotional and psychological development.

Our small class sizes enable us to ensure that each child is able to master an individual concept first, and then build to the next step. Creative, collaborative and interactive classroom activities ensure students are experiencing content in auditory, visual and tactile ways. This sensory reinforcement enables students to move new concepts from short-term into long-term memory.

The school follows the California State framework, national educational standards, and uses state adopted textbooks as a guideline for instruction in the core subjects of language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. A strong emphasis is placed on the importance of critical thinking, analytical reasoning, problem solving skills, and effective communication in all of the above areas. Students use Raz-Kids, IXL Math (Kindergarten and Grade 1), AdaptedMind Math (Grades 2 – 5), News-o-Matic, and other technology-based programs to meet individual students’ needs. The School offers a variety of activities to supplement the main core of our academic program. These activities include Physical Education, art classes, science projects and hands-on experiments, computer classes (for higher grades), and field trips.

Religious Studies Program

It is our goal to develop in each child a love for and understanding of God and Islam and to nurture an identity in each child as a confident and faithful American Muslim. We hope to accomplish these goals through instruction in three basic areas: Islamic Studies, Quranic Studies, and Arabic Language.

In the elementary grades, students receive instruction in these subjects with a specialist teacher for one and a half hour per day. Using a series of text materials in Arabic, the teacher follows a sequential program in which students develop their reading, writing, and speaking ability. In Islamic Studies, the program emphasizes various themes each month from basic beliefs and stories of the prophets to moral values and ethics. Verses from the Quran are selected according to these themes for children to understand and memorize as part of our Quranic Studies curriculum.

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