History and Mission


History & Mission

Nurturing Spiritual Growth

New Horizon is dedicated to nurturing spiritual growth and developing God consciousness through the teachings of Islam. New Horizon aims to create a safe and nurturing environment that stimulates intellectual curiosity and independence.


History and Mission


New Horizon School – Los Angeles delivers high quality academic education, nurtures spiritual growth, and inspires compassion through the teachings of Islam.


New Horizon School – Los Angeles seeks to empower its students with Islamic confidence, moral strength, and the education necessary to successfully contribute in a diverse and ever-changing, contemporary world. NHSLA aims to develop its students’ self-assurance as American Muslims with a commitment to honoring family, community involvement, and respect of others. We strive to foster ethical values in our students so that they become productive and responsible members of our society.


• Providing an academic program that promotes excellence, builds curiosity, and creates ambition.

• Creating an atmosphere where logical reasoning and independent thinking are enhanced.

• Incorporating a learning environment that involves exploration, discovery, and discussion.

• Guiding students to become productive citizens with leadership, responsibility, and integrity.

• Instilling in students the self-assurance and discipline required to reach excellence in all endeavors.

• Developing competence in public speech and creative writing.

• Broadening cultural awareness by fostering an appreciation for art and sports.

• Establishing social skills through peer and adult interaction emphasizing mutual respect and trust.

• Fostering responsibility to God, society, and the environment.

• Teaching students the Arabic language as a means of communication and understanding the Quran.

• Guiding students to use Qur’anic principles and moral strength in their daily lives.

• Developing God consciousness and using prophetic examples as a model to be emulated throughout life.

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